Frequently Asked Questions

What am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a premium Brandable Domain Name for either: use with your website or to hold and sell in the future as an investment opportunity. There are no logo or trademark rights provided as part of the purchase (as explained further below).

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is essentially the URL or website address that people use to find your website. For example this website’s domain name is ‘Brandabbles.com’. As only one person in the world can own each domain name, a domain name is considered premium online real estate that continues to increase in value year by year.

How are your Domain Name’s Priced?

Our Domain Names are considered Premium and priced fairly, usually well below market and appraised value. With millions of businesses starting up worldwide per year Premium Brandable domains sell for tens to hundreds of thousands (and regularly even millions of dollars). We keep our prices accessible however to enable you to build a business on a memorable brand name or to enable you to resell the Domain Name for a healthy profit.

Are there any Ongoing Costs?

Domain Name ownership comes with an annual renewal fee of $10-15USD per year. This is the only necessary cost of owning the Domain Name and a small cost for the continued ownership of such a valuable asset with high resale value.

How Long do I Own the Domain Name?

Once purchased, the domain name is yours to own on an ongoing basis as long as you pay the annual renewal fee (as described above).

Can I Register a Trademark on my Domain Name?

You are purchasing the Domain Name and not any trademark rights. As with naming any business it is your responsibility to determine how you use the domain name in a way that both protects your name from use by others and in a way that does not contravene anyone else’s legal right in your country/jurisdiction.

Does the Logo Come with the Domain?

The graphics with each Domain Name are simply provided as concepts to assist you in visualizing a brand associated with your Domain Name. Most people develop their own logos to accompany their Domain Name when building their website. Although the graphics can be provided upon request it is not automatically part of the sale.

How is the Domain Name Transferred to me?

Each domain name is held virtually with an accredited Registrar that ensures your legal ownership and management of your domain. Upon purchase of a Domain Name we will contact you to determine your preference for transferring the domain name to you.

It can either be transferred to an existing account you may have with the same Registrar the domain name is currently held at (for free) or transferred to a different Registrar for a $10-$15USD fee payable to the Registrar at the time of transfer.

If you don’t have an account with any Registrar you will be assisted to create one which is a quick sign up process and free.

Full step by step assistance is provided every step of the way so don’t worry if you get stuck, you will not be left unassisted with the transfer process.

Do I Need Any Technical Skills?

You do not require any technical skills for the purchase, transfer or ownership of your new Domain Name. You will be guided through the entire process. It will involve creating an account with a Domain Name Registrar if you don’t already have one (a quick and free process) and then having the domain transferred to your account with a few simple steps. Step by step guidance and support will be provided as required.

Is My Payment Secure?

Yes your payments are absolutely secure, being made through PayPal.com for your security.

Can I Make Payment Through Escrow.com?

Escrow.com is a well established, professional and secure company that provides a service for a small fee where they will hold your payment and not release it to Brandabbles.com until the domain name is in your account.  Should you wish to use this service please contact us at the email address set out below and we can initiate this transaction for you with the buyer paying the Escrow fees.

How Can I Contact Brandabbles.com?

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Brandabbles.com by email: Brandabbles@nuskope.com.au